2.0ATA TecnoLay Ultra

2.0ATA TecnoLay Ultra

The 2.0ATA TecnoLay Ultra Hyperbaric Chamber is designed for professional use. It is a compact and light unit with all the luxury you would want for a fantastic experience. The extra-large window gives your customer a total feel of freedom.


2.0ATA TecnoLay Ultra  hard-shelled HBOT

Slide door entry for ease of use
Intercom phone system for 2-way communication and reading light
Automatic air pressure control system, the door is sealed by pressure
Cost-cutting results in <1/4 of conventional prices.
Adjustable pressure, meeting new standards at 2.0ATA
Oxygen delivery under pressure via face mask

TecnoLay Classic Dimensions & Specifications

Chamber Capsule(Custom)
Width 80cm / 32”
Length 200cm / 80”
Weight 230KG / 507LBS
All-in-One Pro machines
Size: 56*34*41cm(22*13*16”)
Flow: Oxygen 10L | AIR 100L
Weight 85KG / 187LBS

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Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers' UK-based support team are available to offer technical and medical support, as well as to answer all of your general user questions. Plus all our HBOT chambers come with superior warranty as standard and you can choose to add an extra service level agreement to give you the best possible experience…

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